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Year for Tiger

The Northern Kid collaboration with KueKwee
The Northern Kid collaboration with KueKwee

We are so proud to announce this collaboration. For the Lunar New Year, we had this amazing opportunity to design KueKwee's packaging and stationery.

KueKwee is a pia cake shop based in Jakarta, Indonesia. They make traditional pia cakes inspired by the culture and history of the Chinese descendant in Indonesia.

What's most exciting from this collaboration is we are donating 5% of the profits to the Animal Sanctuary Trust Indonesia, specifically to help the endangered tigers to survive from extinction.

Follow KueKwee's Instagram.

So here they are, the fruition of our collaboration! I am so happy to be part of this project. Even though the cake is only available in Indonesia, I hope the spirit of "new year" and the kindness will be with everyone who sees this :)

For anyone who is wondering "what is pia cake?" They look like this! It's basically layers of pastries with some fillings in it. The signature of the original (traditional) filling would be red pork meat, but KueKwee makes a lot of choices from pineapple paste, red chicken meat, chocolate, and even red bean! How yummy~

Another important thing aside the Lunar New Year celebration is, 5% of the profits will be donated to Animal Sanctuary Trust Indonesia to help protect the tigers from the poachers. Feel free to follow them here to keep up with their activities.

Thank you once again everyone for your support to us and this project. Hopefully, we can do more projects like this in the future!


FEBRUARY 7, 2022


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