Mission of The Northern Kid

we all fight the unseen battles every day

the war that keeps us awake at night

which sometimes leaves a deep scar

The Northern Kid is a community and home for the free-spirited soul🪐

Free from judgement, blame, guilt, shame, and bitterness. Here, we tell true stories from cool kids all around the world that will help others who fight the same battle, because your scars spark magic✨

The Northern Kid is also a store that provides cool arts for cool kids with an adventurous soul. We curate a variety of artsy and meaningful products from our artists and partners since day one.

We value all well-being in this world, not just humans. Our concern for abused animals has driven us from the beginning and continues to drive us into the future. We promise you that for every purchase you make, together we can help animals in need -- to end their suffering and pain caused by some (not cool) people. The Northern Kid humbly donates to World's Animal Protection Canada to accomplish this mission.

The Northern Kid knows that every story counts, and strives to make your entire experience as rewarding and worthwhile as possible.

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Image by Steve Halama