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Year for Rabbit

The Northern Kid rabbit prints limited edition

We are proud to announce another collaboration with our beloved pie store KueKwee in Indonesia. We love how Lunar New Year always brings attention to the "animal" that gets the spotlight that year. It is our golden chance to educate more about the "animal", because there's always something to learn every day, right? :)

This year, 2023, is the year of rabbits. As cute as they are, a lot of people still don't understand (or care) about how to treat them properly as pets. So this year, we also collaborate with Cominica, a blogger from Indonesia who owns 16 rabbits and she educates daily on her Instagram.

The Northern Kid rabbit greeting card

For the design, we have Cominica's 8 "firstborn" rabbits as the sticker. They are the first batch of rabbits that she owns that after some months multiplies into 16 rabbits! That's how fast rabbits can breed 😂 These rabbits have been named into their typical breed type.

Get this cute rabbits sticker sheet for yourself and start decorating~

The Northern Kid rabbit sticker sheet

The Northern Kid rabbit sticker sheet on a giftbox
Decorate a gift or stick them anywhere

The Northern Kid rabbit stickers

Don't forget the art print, one thing that we are so proud to launch! It's a symbol of rabbits and the moon trip. One hop at a time to continue this journey. As an artist, I always think it was hard to start this business but then I remember to just keep hopping like these rabbits...

This print will remind me every day, it's not about the destination, but the journey and everything in between 🤍

Get this ✨LIMITED EDITION✨ Rabbit Artprints for you too!

The Northern Kid cute rabbit prints

The Northern Kid x KueKwee collaboration products
The final products with KueKwee delicious pia

Another important thing aside from the Lunar New Year celebration is, 5% of the profits will be donated to Rabbitats Rescue Society to support to rescue and rehabilitation of rabbits around the Greater Vancouver area. Feel free to follow them here to keep up with their activities.

Thank you to everyone who supported us all this time. It's not always sunshine and rainbow but we'll make sure we survive to help more animals! We cannot do it without you, so thank you 🤍


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