Road trip and adventure? Bring it on! Life on a wheel - drive, sleep, repeat! Show the world your traveller soul with The Northern Kid badge.


Iron on your shirt, beanie, bag, hat, scarf, jacket, coat, anywhere you like~

Because you deserve this, Road Travellers! 🚙


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Road Traveller Patch-Badge

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  • Road Traveller Patch-Badge 


    Size: Diameter 1.5" or 3.8 cm
    Material: Woven thread

  • How to wear:

    1.  Place the patch/badge onto your desired place.
    2.  Put a piece of tissue paper on the patch and iron on top of the patch for around 15 seconds. Use the non-steam mode. You can iron on the patch directly but having tissue paper can help protect the surface.
    3.  Keep moving the iron over the patch for a few seconds. 
    4.  Check the patch, if it's still moving, repeat the iron movement (no 3).
    5.  Leave it some time to cool down the patch and voila, you have your badge there! Good job!

    Important: Check your fabric before using the iron. Our patches work with most fabrics but extra careful when it comes to leather and organic wool.