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If I Am An Animal Lover, Should I Go Vegan?

Hey there! So, here at The Northern Kid, our thing is all about protecting animals through art. But, you might be wondering, "If I'm all about animals, should I go vegan?" Well, let's dive into that and I'll give you my take on it.

First off, just to clear things up as the artist behind The Northern Kid, no, I'm not vegan. I get it, it might seem a bit contradictory, especially since our whole deal is protecting animals. But there's a bit more to it, so hear me out.

Our art is all about standing up against things like animal abuse such as overconsumption, unethical farming practices, trophy hunting, poaching, and all those nasty things that put our animal friends at risk! We're all about spreading awareness and sparking conversations to keep animals safe and have a decent life while they're on earth.

What about veganism? It's a great belief system that a lot of awesome people follow. It's like a lifestyle choice based on what you believe in. But here's the kicker – forcing beliefs on others doesn’t always fly. Advocating and influencing? Absolutely important! But, also, it's cool to realize that not everyone's on the same page. It's about respect, understanding, and building a team that wants to protect the animals.

While I might not be vegan, I'm still fully committed to spreading the word and keeping the animals safe. Every little step counts, and we're all in this together to make a world where animals are treated right and with respect! 🌍🐾

Let's imagine. Picture a vegan who never eats animals but litters single-use plastics that could 'kill' those ocean mammals. Or how about a non-vegan who consistently donates to animal shelters every paycheck? Not that we're judging anyone, but these scenarios happen in real life. Our part is to look into ourselves and spread kindness by being a conscious animal protector.

So, let's keep this ball rolling, creating, talking, and working towards a world where animals are chill and free from any bad stuff. Even though some of them have to sacrifice their life for the sake of human consumption, at least treat them with respect while they are on earth.

Tl;dr? Remember the "Circle of Life" song played at Baby Simba's introduction? Sadly some animals eat other animals. It's the way of life. But when it comes to human intervention, let's be a cool kid and protect the animals!


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