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Hey, you cool kid!

Welcome abroad! Thank you for being a part of our mission in supporting our local artists and animal friends at the same time. We believe that the biggest influence starts with ourselves, you and me.
As human beings, we got full control over how to live this life but unfortunately, our animal friends are not. Let's be the cool kids they need us to be, that is, by being kind and conscious of the voiceless.


The Northern Kid Story

The Northern Kid is an art, stationery, and fashion store that provides cool stuff for the cool kids who care. Inspired by your favorite places, all our products are carefully handmade and produced in the beautiful Northern hemisphere. What you will get here is the same thing that we are passionate about.


Starting from a small apartment in Vancouver, Canada. There was someone who had a deep concern for the wildlife who got abused all the time. As a human being, she knows that she must act and make decisions to invite others to help them. As an artist, she understands that all products need to be fashionable in order to accomplish this mission. And as an adventurer, she believes that many other cool kids are walking the same path with dignity and kindness. That's how The Northern Kid was born.


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